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Mission Style Quilt Rack

I built this quilt rack as a wedding present for two friends of mine. The plans are from Wood Magazine's on-line store.

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Classic country decorator item that keeps extra covers handy...

Quilt Rack

DSC00001_1.JPG DSC00002_2.JPG DSC00005_2.JPG
This quilt rack design is from Wood Plans On-Line. the quilt rack is built from 1 1/16" thick White Oak. The first six pictures were taken before any finish was applied. The rails are chamfered along their tops almost to the ends. Pumpkin is not part of the quilt rack.
DSC00003_2.JPG DSC00006_1.JPG DSC00004_2.JPG
Mortises are used to connect the two rails to the ends. The slats are 3/4" thick and rest in individual mortiese. A mortise is also used to connect the lower beam to each end.
DSC00008.JPG DSC00007.JPG DSC00009.JPG
Now it is ready for years of use! That is Mildew on the right.
00006.JPG 00005.JPG DSC000010.JPG
I find the "tiger stripes" in the wood to be a nice feature of this all natural piece of furnature.

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