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A Child's Bath Stool

One weekend I was looking for a fun project and I decided to build the bath stool shown below. If you are interested in building this stool I am making some drawings available to get you started.

DSC00001.JPG DSC00002_1.JPG DSC00003_1.JPG
This is a child's bath stool I buil out of scrap Red Oak that was left over from a porch swing project. All pieces are 1" thick. The stool is a simple design, but, not so simple that it is boring. the handle hole in the step makes it easy to move the stoll from its storage place to where it is needed. The legs were cut to size and notched on a table saw. Then a scroll saw was used to cut the three curves on each leg.
DSC00005_1.JPG DSC00004_1.JPG
The legs are joined to the step with glue and two screws into each leg. The screw heads are counter sunk and then coverd with plugs cut out of the same wood. A 3/4" groove locks the legs to the step.

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