Gallery of Woodworking Projects

I took an interest in woodworking several years ago and have built a few projects since that time. I thought I would be building more, but, things always seem to come up. I've got some projects in the queue, but, I'm not going to post those till they are complete. Bellow you will find short descriptions of the projects I've completed as well as links to more pictures, information, and in some cases free plans! Enjoy.

This was a project my Dad and I worked on over the Easter weekend of 2003. It is my favorite project to-date because it is such a propionate piece in my home. The project was pretty easy to build. I built the project before I had the mirror in my shop so I was really pleased when everything fit together. Finding the hooks for this project was a bit of a challenge. Click on the title above for more pictures of this project as well as more information on where to get the hooks and the plans.

I searched all over the Internet for plans that I liked for a quilt rack and finally settled on this one. The project was a gift for two friends that were getting married. Made from White Oak the quilt rack is extremely sturdy. It almost reminds me of the parallel bars in the Olympics, although you would have to have some very narrow shoulders to use it. Even though this project has a simple natural stain on it there is a dramatic difference between the unfinished White Oak and the picture you see here. Click on the title above for more pictures of this project and information on where you can get the plans.

What to do with a few board feet of Red Oak I asked myself. Then it came to me, build a bath stool for little ones to brush their teeth in the bathroom. Someone once told me that engineers usually over build things and this bath stool is probably proof that I'm an engineer. All of the pieces are 1" thick Red Oak with the legs held to the step by screws and 3/4" groove that the legs fit in to. The floor contact points are equal to the outside dimensions of the step making it a sturdy platform for anyone. I tested the stool with a 280 pound man (that isn't me) and it didn't even creak. This was a project of my own design. Click on the title above for more pictures and plans in PDF so you can build the stool yourself. There is no charge for the plans, but, I would would appreciate an email if you decide to build this stool.

What good is a porch swing if it isn't comfortable to site on? That is the question I was asking my self as I search for the perfect porch swing plans and I think I found them. Most porch swing plans that I've seen have a flat seat and flat back that meet at an obtuse angle, but, with a design like that you have to have a cushion on the swing to make it comfortable to sit on.  This swing is different it has a contoured seat and back that make it comfortable to sit even with out pillows or a cushion. While the plans call for White Oak I built this swing with Red Oak because it was cheeper at the time. There are not many different shapes to cut for this swing, but, there is a lot of slats. This was my first woodworking project and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

You can find plans for this swing at Woodcraft, item number 814912 for $10.95.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Those little plastic bags from the grocery store are everywhere and I needed a small trash bag for the shop. I'm also cheep, which might be self evident since I'm not throwing those bags away. At any rate a small pice of plywood and a pile of those plastic grocery bags came together in what became my shop trash bag. Click the title above for a few more pictures of the bag holder and plans for the holder in PDF format. There is no charge for the plans, but if you use them I would appreciate an email from you letting me know.