Wedding Planning Trip #1

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Category: Wedding

We flew out to Cincinnati to finalize the date and the locations for the wedding and the reception.  We were fortunate to attend Sunday Mass at Mother of God, during which we had the opportunity to listen to the church organist, Carol Jenkins, perform. Afterwards we had a great time at Ericís parentsí house with many of his uncles, aunts, and cousins who took to time to attend our engagement party! Many thanks to Ericís mother for putting together the family pool party as well as making the delicious ice cream from scratch.  Then we spent the next two days driving all over the Cincinnati/ Northern KY area, for vendor ideas. Overall the trip was a huge success, in which we were able to secure the beautiful Drees Pavilion for our reception, as well as meeting our artisan cake maker. (We canít wait to see the unveiling of our custom cake and we hope you will be equally excited!)  What is clear is that we canít wait for our second wedding planning trip!

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