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Olympia Washington, Near Totten Inlet and Steamboat Island

My friend and coworker, Heather, and her family invited me and my friend Onur down to their house for a day this Labor Day weekend. Onur also took this opportunity to use his SCUBA skills to help them find a concrete block in Puget Sound that their boat buoy needs to be attached to. Onur had tried previously using only snorkel gear, but, the uncertain location, 26 feet of water, and poor visibility made it a near impossible task.

With his SCUBA gear Onur was looking for a concrete block about 3 feet square and 2 feet tall. The block is the anchor point for a buoy. Onur said that the visibility at the bottom was only about 3 feet which makes it even more amazing that he was able to find the block when he was looking in an area of about 40,000 square feet.

September 4th, 2005

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View from the rowboat at low tied. Heather and Norm are sitting on top of the bulkhead. Notice the barnacles on the bulkhead that indicate how high the water rises at high tide. Standing on the bulkhead Onur checks out his SCUBA gear. The tide is out in this picture. A wet suite is a requirement for diving in Puget Sound especially on this day when the water temperature was 51 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Tank 1. Onur gets ready to enter the water in his SCUBA gear. The four of us prepare for the rowboat to really rock as Onur exits the boat. Onur spent quite a bit of time in the water and used up his first tank before the concrete block could be located. Tank 2. Onur goes over the edge. This time the boat really rocks and the edge opposite the side Onur left from took on a littler water. My camera bag ended up going under water but my camera stayed on the high side.
DSC_0139.JPG DSC_0141.JPG
Success! Onur found the concrete block and has several links of the old 3/4 inch chain to prove it. The old chain was so weak Onur was able to break it with this hands! Even though Onur's face can not be seen clearly it is clear that Onur is happy to have found the concrete block after so much hard work.

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