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Friends, Food, and Fun: An Indian Potluck

What a perfect combination food and friends are. It doesn't matter if you are Italian, Indian, Turkish, or American there are few better ways to really enjoy the company of friends other than gathering around a table of food! In this photo album you will see pictures from a potluck hosted by my coworker Mohana.

Eashwar, Mohana, Onur, Garthik and I all work at Cypress in Washington. With Satish visiting Cypress Washington from Cypress Bangalore. Garthik having just been recently hired, Arjun visiting Washington, and Eashwar's mother in town for a visit it seemed like a great opportunity for a potluck. Mohana and Arul offered to host the party at their home and everyone brought a dish or two to share with the group. With such a terrific group of people and so much food I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time.

I wish I knew the names of all the food dishes we had that night so that I could label all the pictures below. But, even without names you can see what a wonderful variety of food we had to eat. What you can't tell is what a mouthwatering array of tasks these pictures represent. Onur had the most colorful dish with this stuffed peppers and I had the least home cooked dish with a bowl of pakoras I just had to heat up. Oh, but wait there was a chocolate cake there from Fed Meyer's and a Coffee Cake from Costco.

Sorry for the nearly two month delay in getting these pictures up.

(August 6th, 2005)

DSC_0717.JPG DSC_0706.JPG DSC_0704.JPG DSC_0708.JPG
Onur surveys the food. The only beef on the table. Onur's stuffed peppers. Vegetable Koma
DSC_0709.JPG DSC_0710.JPG DSC_0711.JPG DSC_0712.JPG
Pakoras My Somosas. Paratha Parathas
DSC_0713.JPG DSC_0714.JPG DSC_0715.JPG DSC_0716.JPG
Onur's carrot salad. Chole Masala Palao Sambhar
DSC_0721.JPG IMG_0450.jpg DSC_0732.JPG DSC_0736.JPG
Mohana, Reshma, and Madhuri Eashwar took this picture of me before the camera took a picture of all of us. The whole group. Eashwar making a funny face.
DSC_0747.JPG DSC_0748.JPG DSC_0752.JPG DSC_0762.JPG
Garthik. Eashware with his Mother, Shrimathi Lalitha, and wife Madhuri. Onur (left) and Arjun (right) playing chess while Satish looks on. Mohana and Arul.
DSC_0763.JPG DSC_0764.JPG DSC_0768.JPG DSC_0769.JPG
Mohana and Arul. Satish. Left to right: Me, Satish, Onur.
DSC_0770.JPG IMG_0445.jpg DSC_0772.JPG DSC_0787.JPG
Left to right: Me, Mohana, Onur. Left to right: Arul, Me, Satish. Left to right: Reshma and Mohana. Arjun had a habit of closing his eyes in every picture. So, I put the camera is continuous mode and got this shot of him with this eyes open!

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The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera. Any use of these pictures without permission from the photographer is strictly prohibited. Email me to request permission to use any of these pictures or if you would like a higher resolution version.

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