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Whitewater Rafing with Cypress FAEs

Cypress Field Application Engineers (FAEs) spent two days at the Lynnwood Cypress office where I work. Although I did not participate in any of their training, I had a chip to work on, I did get the opportunity to go river rafting with them on the Wenatchee River just West of Leavenworth Washington. Since my camera isn't water proof I don't have any pictures of the actual rafting.

Our rafting trip was guided by Enchanted Water Tours of Leavenworth Washington. We had a blast on this trip. We were divided up into three boats. Two of seven and one of six, excluding the guides. The 4 hour trip was almost non stop water fighting and rapid riding. It was a good thing that Enchanted Water Tours provided wet suits for all of us because the river was cold. But, the water temperature didn't spoil our fun in the least. Several of us went swimming on purpose and several more went swimming by accident.

After 4 hours of paddling, swiming, and water fighting we were all beat and hungry. Enchanted Water Tours provided a nice cook out for us along the river before we headed back to Seattle.

(June 4th, 2005)

DSC_0123.JPG DSC_0119.JPG 028_52.JPG 027_51.JPG
Cypress Semiconductor FAEs before we put on our wet suites and rafted down the Wenatchee River with Enchanted Water Tours. Standing: Michael Abbate, Tony Wang, John Wisniewski, Steve Brown, Rick Harding, Andrew Page, Yasuhiro Kuma, Didier Blanchard, Tomoya Hayashi, Luiz Castro Seated on car: Darrin Vallis, Rob Dick, Steve Neeley Kneeling: Ernie Buterbaugh, Kris Young, Jeff Dahlin, Katsumi Oishi Not Pictured: Eric Blom (photographer), Stuart Woodrow (snake hunting?) This is a picture of the Wenatchee River West of Leavenworth just updtream of a dam.
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