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Miscellaneous pictures from 2005 to date

Here are some pictures that haven't found their way into albums of their own. Enjoy!

(January 5th - April 14th, 2005)

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Meadowdale Beach Park beach. Linda on Meadowdale Beach Park beach. Washington State Ferry coming into Edmonds ferry dock. Dad and Mom visiting in March.
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Having grown up in Cincinnati Ohio it always amazes me to see mountains in the distance. This picture was taken in a neighborhood of Anacortes Washington. Picture taken near Deception Pass. Taken from Mt. Erie near Anacortes. I got up early one morning and went for a hike. The idea was to take pictures of the sunrise, but, I picked the rock climbing train by accident. Another picture taken from Mt. Erie.
Evon took this picture of me on a hike near Rosyln Washington.

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The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera. Any use of these pictures without permission from the photographer is strictly prohibited. Email me to request permission to use any of these pictures or if you would like a higher resolution version.

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