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Johnson Ridge

It has been nearly three months now since I went on this short hike. I completely forgot to post the pictures. It was a little early in the year for this hike, but, I was hopeful that the reduced snow fail from this winter would make this a good hike. I also knew that I just wanted to get out and would be happy with what ever happened.

The Johnson Ridge trail starts at the end of forest service road 6520 (Green Trails Map 143). When I turned off onto the road at 1,500 feet there wasn't a snow flake to be found, but, as I crossed the 2,500 or 3,000 foot mark the road started to be covered in snow. I wasn't too worried as it was only a few inches and there were good tire tracks. However, as the road narrows and steep drop offs seemed to be found on the out side of every turn I started to look for a place to turn back. There were a few borderline white knuckle moments and just when I thought I found a good spot to turn around I was at the trail head.

The snow was powdery and deep. I put on my boots, gaters, and gloves and headed up the trail. I really should have had snow shoes, but, I still had a good time just going a little way up the trail and enjoying the views.

(February 6, 2005)

DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0044.JPG
Just when I thought I found a spot to turn around and abandon the hike I was at the trail head. As you can see in this picture the weather was gray. But, all that white snow makes up for the gray skies. Looking back down the first part of the trail. I found it amazing that this chunk of snow would be stuck in the fork of this branch.
DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0030.JPG DSC_0047.JPG DSC_0049.JPG
Fresh powder. Animal tracks in the snow. Patchy sunlight illuminates a mountain top.

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