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New Year's Eve 2004

I spent New Year's Eve with my sisters, brother in-law, niece, and nephews. On the drive down from Covington Kentucky Molly and I stopped to get some hair color. Molly wanted to touch up her color and I wanted to do something a little more radical. It turned out to be a great idea because everyone ended up getting involved.

(December 31, 2004)

DSC_0063.JPG DSC_0068.JPG DSC_0079.JPG DSC_0082.JPG
Here is a picture of the old Eric. Cole and I before we transform our selves. Molly is eager to apply the Xtremefx Industrial Blonde solution by Clairol. She assures me that she knows what she is doing. It turns out she did. Ariel thinks it stinks.
DSC_0084.JPG DSC_0089.JPG DSC_0092.JPG DSC_0093.JPG
The dogs think it stinks. Here it is. The my new hair dew. Ariel is ready for a little red in her blond hair. There is no turning back now.
DSC_0095.JPG DSC_0096.JPG DSC_0099.JPG DSC_0100.JPG
Even though Cole likes his red tipped mohawk he isn't excited about having his picture taken. Cole and I with our new dews. Cole is happy with his new hair and so is Molly. Profile shot to fully appreciate Cole's new hair dew.
DSC_0102.JPG DSC_0103.JPG DSC_0105.JPG DSC_0106.JPG
Ariel and I with our new dews. I asked Molly if I could use the extra hair color on her dog Midas, she said NO! Brigitte and Todd.
Cole wanted to show me his dance moves so I took this picture. Of course it is difficult to appreciate his moves with a still picture. I thought that Brigitte's expression in this picture said a lot.

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