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Dad's Birthday

My Dad's birthday falls between Christmas and New Years so we are often together. However, this year my Mom cast her net a little wider and drew in all of my Dad's siblings, children, grandchildren, and most of his in laws to celebrate his birthday.

(December 29, 2004)

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My mother wanted to put the correct number of candles on my father's cake. We were all a little skeptical, but, three packs of birthday candles and three people lighting candles made it all work. My father stands in amazement. Or, is he thinking, "where is the nearest fire extinguisher." Now the moment of truth can he blow them all out?
DSC_0039.JPG DSC_0040.JPG DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0042.JPG
Yes he can!
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Ariel with her older brother Phoenix and youngest brother Cole. Grandpa Lonnemann with his oldest great grandchild Phoenix. I'm not sure when Ariel uses this face, but, she wanted to show it to me and take a picture. This face reminds me of the Sullustan species from Star Wars. Cole is a very happy child. In this case he is eager to get a slice of Grandpa's chocolate birthday cake.
DSC_0046.JPG DSC_0048.JPG DSC_0051.JPG DSC_0054.JPG
I can't help but smile seeing his excitement. Look at that face. From left to right: Grandma Lonnemann, Aunt Karen, and my niece Ariel. My father and his siblings. From left to right: Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, Uncle Tom, and Dad.

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