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Stocker Farm Corn Maze 2004

Youth from St. Thomas More Parish went to the Stocker Farms corn maze in Snohomish, Washington. Our trip to the corn maze started at about 4 PM as we headed out in a fleet of private cars. First stop, Wendy's for food. Our group kept the workers at Wendy's busy including one women who's name tag said, "Queen B". I asked if that was her real name and she said yes. To avoid the line at the counter Angela took her car and went through the drive-thru!

After dinner we headed out to the corn maze where we were greeted by plenty of mud. I began to ask my self why I volunteered to drive 4 teens in my nice clean car. Since we arrived just before sunset we ended up spending quite a bit of time in the maze in the dark. Lucky for me the group I was with brought flash lights as I left mine in the car. I guess I was just too concerned about the mud to remember it!

Everyone had a great time in the corn maze I even heard several people say, lets try to be the last ones back, because they were having so much fun. The corn was about 8 feet tall that combined with the dropping light levels made it very easy to loose all sense of direction. In fact I was amazed when we found one of the bridges in the maze that we had actually made it to nearly the farthest corner of the 10 acre maze.

(October 24, 2004)

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Before we took on the maze we had to fuel up, so, first top Wendy's. How many points is at this table of salads. Just a one time sin coach. This is going to go straight to my hips. Angela says, "I could talk about broccoli for hours". Yes she actually said that, not chocolate, cookies, or cakes, but broccoli!
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We arrive at the Stocker Farm Corn Maze in Snohomish Washington as the sun was just about to set. Bringing flash lights was a good idea.
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A map of the 10 acre corn maze.
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This friendly young women gave us the low down on the maze. Rule number 1 have fun, rule number 2 don't throw corn, rule number 3 don't make new paths. I think that was it. As we entered the maze I became very thankful that I brought a second pair of shoes, but, very nervous that the four teens I drove in my car did not!
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This was the kind of wet soupy mud that you shoes get stuck in. Some of us actually lost a shoe was we navigated the maze. This picture was taken from one of two bridges in the maze. No flash was used for this picture. The light was provided by he moon and a single halogen shop light mounted on a poll on the bridge.
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We made it and were taking some mud home as a souvenir! Sisters reunited after they successfully navigated the corn maze separately.

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