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Bangalore India: The First 36 Hours

This should be the first of several pages about my trip to Bangalore India. I hope that these pictures will be of interest to family and friends, especially my niece and thee nephews. I am a little behind already since it is the morning of Monday the 13th of September and I'm working on a first three days of my trip. I have a good excuse though and you will just have to wait for the next installment of pictures to understand why.

My trip to Bangalore was smooth, but, long. The trip started for me at 3:30 AM (Pacific Time) on Wednesday September 8th when I woke up and awaited the arrival of Seattle's Shuttle Express to take me to the airport. The morning seemed especially crisp and the sky was clear as well. The stars and the moon in the eastern sky seemed brighter than usual. The shuttle arrived on time at 4:15 AM and if memory serves me we arrived at about 5:40 AM. I was greeted by a very long line at the United counter, but, I was their plenty early and didn't have any trouble arriving at the gate in time for my flight at 8:05 AM flight. While I was waiting for my flight I was surprised to find that the WiFi access at the gate was free! This gave me an opportunity to send some emails before I left. However, at a time I don't remember the WiFi stopped working and wanted me to pay for access. Perhaps access is free during the night for travelers that are stuck at the airport.

The first stop on my trip was Washington's Dulles International Airport. This stop was considered a change of equipment, but, it required me to go to a different terminal to catch my flight to Frankfurt Germany. As you can see in the pictures below it was raining quite hard in Washington, perhaps one of the few times the weather is better in Seattle?

I had a window seat on the 747-400 to Frankfurt, but, most of the flight was at night so there wasn't much to look at. We arrived at about 8 AM on Thursday September 9th which according to my internal clock was about 1 AM Thursday.

I had about a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt. I had thought I would be able to recharge my laptop's batteries while in Frankfurt, but, I forgot to bring the plug adaptors for my charger and there weren't many outlets to be found in the airport. So, while I was waiting for my flight I dined on Brautwerst, mustard, bread, and water that came in a box! I think the water in a box is a European thing (Tetramax) and a good idea.

At 9 hours the flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore was the longest of the three I took on my journey, but, lucky for me it seemed to go by quickly. We arrived in Bangalore at about 11:40 PM on Thursday night which would have been about 11:10 AM Thursday in Seattle. So, my total trip time was from about 8 AM Wednesday to noon on Thursday (28 hours). Since I had not checked any bags getting through customs and out of the airport didn't take long and I was searching for my taxi to the hotel just a few minutes before midnight.

After nearly a day and a half of traveling I was more than ready for a hot shower and a clean bed. The ride to the hotel didn't take long, but, it was interesting to see the streets of Bangalore for the first time at midnight. Unlike the US the shops and offices in Bangalore appear to turn off all their lights at the end of the day. So, as I rode down the streets everything was very dark and it was difficult to tell if the buildings were inhabited at all.

When I arrived at the Windsor Sheraton I was greeted by many helpful people with smiles on their faces. They checked me in quickly and showed me to my room. As you can see from the pictures below the room is very comfortable and it stocked with plenty of bottled water for those of us a little less tolerant of the local water. But, there was no time for sipping bottled water and watching TV I had to get some sleep before work on Friday. I ended up getting in bed about 2 AM giving me several hours of good sleep.

(September 8th,9th, and 10th 2004)

DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0004.JPG DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0007.JPG
A picture of Mt. St. Hellen's off in the distance and the wing of the 757-200 I'm traveling to Washington DC in. Here is Mt. St. Hellen's again. Mt. Rainer in the distance with the very common cloud cap covering the summit. Ready to leave for Frankfurt Germany from Washington DC's Dulles international airport the rain is coming steadly.
DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0016.JPG DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0019.JPG
You would think this was Seattle! The lobby level of the ITC Windsor Shearton Hotel in Bangalore. The lobby level is quite large. I think this is actually the lobby for the section of the hotel called the tower. A nice fountain in the center of the lobby. Looking down to the lobby from the top floor.
DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0009.JPG DSC_0010.JPG DSC_0011.JPG
Lookng stright ahead from the top floor. The last frew pictures are of my room, number 2118. Nice desk, but, I haven't been able to get the wireless internet working. The hotel gave me a username and password, but, the authentication fails.
DSC_0012.JPG DSC_0013.JPG
Everything is marbel, even the trim on the door.

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