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The Life and Times of Chia Cow

This past Halloween I won thrid prize at a costume party, the prize was a Chia Pet. Such a fantastic prize must be shared with as many people as possible, therefore, the Chia Cow had to be raised at work.

The pictures below document the life of my Chia Pet which we tenderly refer to as Chia Cow. To preserve the dignity of Chia Cow no pictures were taken of her as her sprout coat began to wilt.

Believe it or not there is actually a Vi vs Emacs war in this collection of pictures. If you do not know what this means check out the following links overview, Vi history, some Emacs propaganda.

DSC00002.JPG DSC00008.JPG DSC00003.JPG
Chia Cow was delivered on October 28th in a box with a optimistic picture of her potential for a glorious coat of Chia Seed sprouts. Prior to Chia Cow's delivery I had no idea that the Chia family had such a distinguished history. It is amazing that the product of artisans using pottery techniques passed down from the ancient Indians of Mexico is available for such a low low price! This is Chia Cow before she was immersed into the waters of life.
DSC00007.JPG DSC00009.JPG DSC00013.JPG
Chia Cow stayed in the water of life for 24 hours. Please note that Chia Cow as not treated inhumanly and that her head was kept above water. When Chia Cow emerged from the water of life, on October 29th, every pore of her body was filled live giving water. The Chia Seeds were applied to Chia Cow on October 29th. I would tell you more about these seeds but Mexican Artisans that made Chia Cow chose to refer to her seeds only as "Chia Seeds."
DSC00015.JPG DSC00017.JPG DSC00018.JPG
October 30th. Excitement filled the office as we eagerly awaited the first sprout of Chia Cow's coat. Many people wanted to share in the experience by having their picture taken with Chia Cow. This picture shows one of my supportive coworkers. October 31st November 1st
DSC00031.JPG DSC00030.JPG DSC00033.JPG
November 2nd. The first sprouts began to show up in Chia Cow's coat on November 2nd. November 2nd November 3rd
DSC00001.JPG DSC00002.JPG DSC00004_2.JPG
November 4th November 5th November 6th. Lacking a salt block in the office for Chia Cow Steve decided the next best thing would be a Pretzel.
DSC00005_1.JPG DSC00007_2.JPG DSC00008_2.JPG
November 7th. Chia Cow's first trip out was to Criag's cube. However, Craig is a XEmacs user and Chia Cow did not feel comfortable given her upbringing in a VIM cubical. November 8th. November 8th. Someone from Product Engineering pointed out that a few of Chia Cow's Chia Seeds appear to bee 6 sigma from the median.
DSC00006_2.JPG DSC00009.JPG DSC00011.JPG
November 8th. With the right person Chia Cow can be quite affectionate. November 11th November 12th
November 13th. One of Chia Cow's most destinquished pictures was her last. This is Chia Cow with Ferit Ferdi from DesTEK Design Technologies in Turkey.

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The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Sony DCR-PC100 1-mega pixel camera. Email me if you would like a higher resolution version of any of these pictures.