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Camp Brotherhood, WA

As part of the preparations for the dedication of the Warren Center at Camp Brotherhood a group of volunteers helped with landscaping near the entrance of the Warren Center. Although the day started off with a few rain showers by 10am the rain was gone and the rest of the day turned out to be perfect for working outside.

(August 9, 2003)

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My self and two visitors from Turkey.
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This is what the area looked like at the begging of the day. Luckily a lot of work had already been done. Including placing the "two man" rocks for the walls. Here is one of many after shots. The area look so much better with a fresh layer of beauty bark and all those new trees. I look forward to seeing the area change as the trees grow.
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That is a soccer field and volley ball court in the distance.
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DSC00018.JPG DSC00012.JPG DSC00011.JPG
Only about half of the people who worked this day were available for the picture.
After a day of shoveling, racking, and planting it felt great to lay down and enjoy this late summer day.

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