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Silver Peak, Snoqualmie Pass Washington

This was my second trip to Silver Peak this year. I enjoyed the hike and the view so much the first time that when I had coworkers from India visit I asked them if they would like to go on this hike with me. I didn't take as many pictures this time so please visit my last hike for more pictures too.

The hike up was difficult, but, everyone felt a great sense of accomplishment and enjoyed the view from the top while we ate our lunch.

Topo map available.

(August 2, 2003; up-2:30, down-1:30)

DSC00001.JPG DSC00002.JPG DSC00004.JPG
The final approach to Silver Peak
DSC00003.JPG DSC00009.JPG DSC00007.JPG
Walking across the top of Silver Peak. How do these large broken rocks get to the top of mountains?
DSC00010.JPG DSC00011.JPG DSC00005.JPG
After the long hike everyone enjoyed the view from the top and a great lunch. Mt. Rainier with high cloud cover.
Mt. Rainier

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