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Snoqualmie Tunnel, June 2002

On June 13, 2002 I visited the Iron Horse Trail for the second time. This visit started at Hyak (I-90 exit 54) which is just 0.4 miles east of the Snoqualmie Tunnel.

After walking the 2+ mile tunnel beautiful sunset views of the Cascade Mountains were reviled. The tunnel is not lighted and is far too long to be illuminated by the day light. If you take this hike make sure to have a good flash light with fresh batteries.

1582.jpg 1580.jpg 1584.jpg
This is the West end of the Snoqualmie Tunnel. The tunnle is about 2.2 miles in length. The view looking North East from the West end of the tunnle
1587.jpg 1583.jpg
The view looking West from the West end of the tunnle Another view looking West from the West end of the tunnle.

The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Sony DCR-PC100 1-mega pixel camera. Email me if you would like a higher resolution version of any of these pictures.