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A Visit to Seattle's International District

My friend Ha, and her three children, Khanh, Teresa, and Linh took me to Seattle's international district. We visited several markets, had some milk tea, and a great dinner.

DSC00042.JPG Dinner001.jpg Dinner002.jpg
From left to right, Khanh, Theresa, Linh, and I. Ordering our milk tea (bubble tea) So many to choose from. Khanh offers me some advice.
Dinner005.jpg Dinner006.jpg Dinner007.jpg
Theresa posing for a picture taken by Linh. I'm not sure why, but, we had our picture taken with the fake mangos hanging from the ceiling in the grocery store. It sure it fun to look at the picture now though.
Dinner008.jpg Dinner009.jpg
Linh and I.

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