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Palisades Retreat Center

The Palisades is the Archdiocesan Retreat & Faith Formation Center for Seattle Washington. On March 5th through the 7th a Young Adult retreat was held that I attended. This was the first time I had been to the Palisades so I took a few pictures. Unfortunately their wasn't much sun that weekend. These pictures were taken at about 8:30 AM Saturday March 6th.

DSC00006.JPG DSC00007.JPG DSC00001.JPG
Palisades Old Building that was recently renovated. Palisades new wing behind the tree and to the right. The windows to the right form the west wall of the dining room. The water is Puget Sound. At night the lights of many airplanes taking off and landing at SeaTac Airport can be seen across the water.
DSC00002.JPG DSC00003.JPG DSC00004.JPG
That small railing to the left is the top of the 108 stairs that go down to the beach.

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The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Sony DCR-PC100 1-mega pixel camera. Email me if you would like a higher resolution version of any of these pictures.

Last updated: 3/8/04