Big Hump on the Duckabush River

Monday, December 31, 2007

Although covered in snow the Duckabush River trail (#803) to Big Hump turned out to be a great winter hike. The snow was only a few inches deep so simple waterproof hiking boots were all that was needed. Located on Forest Service road 2510 in the Hood Canal District of the Olympic National Forest the trail is easily accessed from US Highway 101. From the parking lot the trail to Big Hump is about 4 miles, however, more than half of that distance has little elevation gain and what you do gain on the way up Little Hump you lose going down to the Duckabush river before beginning the ascent up Big Hump. Take a minute to enjoy the banks of the Duckabush River just before the elevation gain to ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

Mt. Pilckuck Hike and Sunset

Sunday, July 2, 2006

The Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) never seemed very special to me when I was growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, but, living in the Pacific Northwest the Summer Solstice marks a sunset that is five hours later than in the winter! For example for the year 2006 in Seattle the sunsets at 4:18 PM between December 6th and 16th. However, between June 20th and July 1st the sun doesn't set until 9:11 PM! I wanted to see that late sunset so we hiked to the peak of Mt. Pilchuck. I knew that the Sunset time was based on the Earth being flat and I hadn't though much about how the height of Mt. Pilchuck would change the sunset time, but, when we got to the top we discovered that 5,324 foot peak ... [There is more. Click on the title above.]

Snoqualmie Pass: Silver Peak

Monday, October 17, 2005

It appears that Silver Peak is one of my favorite hikes as I have been there three times now. Thinking briefly about it I guess this should not be a surprise as Silver Peak is easy to drive to, moderate in length, and provides excellent views. Click through for a nine picture photo album from my third hike to Silver Peak.

Iron Horse Trail: Twin Falls to Snoqualmie Tunnel

Sunday, October 16, 2005

People ask me if I like living in Seattle and I say, "yes the only thing that is missing is my family". Then I try to explain how great it is having the mountains, deserts, volcanos, glaciers, temperate rain forests, ocean, and Seattle all within no more than a two hour drive. I never really feel like I've made a convincing argument, so, I hope these pictures will help to explain one aspect of what a wonderful area the Pacific Northwest is. The following photo album contains pictures I took while riding my bike along part of the Iron Horse Trail.

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July 2, 2005: Mt Townsend, Olympic Peninsula WA.
May 28, 2005: Blanca Lake, Washington.
May 24, 2005: Meadowdale Beach and Park, Lynnwood WA.
May 22, 2005: Lake Serene, Washington.
April 23, 2005: Dirtyface, Wenatchee National Forest, WA.
February 6th, 2005 Johnson Ridge.
May 1, 2004: Mount Teneriffe.
April 24, 2004: Rattlesnake Ledge.
April 15, 2004: Mailbox Peak.
April 10, 2004: Mount Si Haystack Basin.
Mar 21, 2004: Rattlesnake Lake.
Aug 2, 2003: Silver Peak (2nd time).
July 26, 2003: Mason Lake.
July 18, 2003: Silver Peak.
July 12, 2003: Kendall Katwalk.
June 15, 2003: Mt. Catherine (2nd time).
June 7, 2003: Snow Lake (2nd time).
May 26, 2003: Mount Washington: Own Hike Spot.
May 11, 2003: Cedar Butte.
Jan 19, 2003: Hurricane Hill at Hurricane Ridge.
Sep 28, 2002: Mt. Rainier: Camp Muir.
Sep 14, 2002: Bandera Mountain.
Sep 8, 2002: Granite Mountain.
Sep 7, 2002: Twin Lakes and Lake Lillian.
Aug 31, 2002: Twin Lakes and Mirror Lake.
Aug 13, 2002: Talapus and Olallie Lakes.
Aug 10, 2002: McClellan Butte.
Aug 3, 2002: Red Pass and Lundin Peak.
Aug 1, 2002: West Tiger Mountain No 3.
Jul 27, 2002: Snow Lake.
Jul 23, 2002: Annette Lake.
Jul 21, 2002: Guye Peak.
Jul 18, 2002: Mt. Catherine.
Jul 14, 2002: The Slippery Slab and Keekwulee Falls.
Jun 13, 2002: Iron Horse Trail: Snoqualmie Tunnel.
Jun 1, 2002: Iron Horse Trail.
Aug 12, 2001: Mnt. Ranier


June 25, 2005: Ziptrek Ecotour, Whistler Canada.
October 3, 2004: Bangalore India: Last days.
Sept 19, 2004: Bangalore India: St. Mary's Basilica.
Sept 18, 2004: Bangalore India: Various Pictures.
Sept 10, 2004: Bangalore India: 20 Hours on a Bus.
Sept 8, 2004: Bangalore India: The First 36 Hours.
June 16, 2004: Mission trip to Vancouver Canada.
March 30, 2004: A Whirl Wind Tour of Seattle.
March 21, 2004: A Visit to Seattle's International District.
March 7, 2004: Palisades Retreat Center.
Feb 21, 2004: Sledding at Hyak in Snoqualmie Pass.
May 13, 2002: North Cascades Highway.


July 29, 2005: Seattle Hiking Group BBQ.
July 22, 2005: Fair-well Parties at Cypress MicroSystems.
June 19, 2005: Fr. Jim Farewell Weekend.
June 17, 2005: Seattle Hiking Potluck at Magnuson Park, Seattlen.
June 12, 2005: Khanh Nguyen's MSCS Graduation.
June 4, 2005: Wenatchee Whitewater Rafting.
May 27, 2005: Jeff Stewart's Cook-Out.
May 7, 2005: Brigitte's Graduation.
April 14, 2005: Miscellaneous pictures from 2005 to date.
April 9, 2005: La Conner Parade and Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
March 22, 2005: Friends from the Cypress India DC.
February 14, 2005: Valentine's Day Cards for Nerds.
December 31, 2004: New Year's Eve 2004.
December 29, 2004: Dad's Birthday 2004.
December 25, 2004: Christmas 2004.
November 25, 2004: Thanksgiving 2004.
October 24, 2004: Stocker Farm Corn Maze 2004.
October 23, 2004: Pumpkin Carving Party 2004.
October 9, 2004: Walk to D'Feet ALS 2004.
Aug 15, 2004: Friends.
July 17, 2004: Edmonds Waterfront at Sunset.
June 12, 2004: Ha's University Graduation, UW 129th Commencement.
June 9, 2004: Ha's Graduation, UW School of Social Work.
May 21, 2004: Friends from India.
April 17, 2004: Dinner with Friends
April 11, 2004: Easter
Feb 11, 2004: St. Thomas More Confirmation
Aug 13, 2003: Party for Guests from Turkey
Aug 9, 2003: Camp Brotherhood
June 14, 2003: Camp Brotherhood
Oct 28, 2002: The Life and Times of Chia Cow.
Oct 24, 2002: A Toast to New Beginnings.
Oct 19, 2002: The Walk to dfeet ALS fund raiser.
Jul 4, 2002: A picture of the July 4th 2002 rainbow.
Nov 10, 2001: The Big Leaf Pile