Utopia Limited and Seafiar Floats

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Category: Mobile Update
By: Eric Blom

Thanks to Michelle I saw my first Gilbert and Sullivan show, Utopia Limited, this weekend. The Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society put on the performance at the Bagley Wright Theater in Seattle Center. Before the show some of the floats were lining up for Seafair under the sky walk so we took a few pictures. The shine on the wooden hydroplane is amazing, do you think they use Lemon Pledge? No pictures of the show of course, it was however a lot of fun. The Gilbert & Sullivan Society is a community theater group and as we found out at the end of the performance some cast members double ad set designers and carpenters. This was the last performance for the season, as such they thanked everyone involved in the production from the concession workers to the costume designers. Being in the small Bagley Wright Theater and seeing the full cast and production crew on stage reminded me of the high school productions I was involved in and what fun the cast parties were after the last show!

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