Parasailing in Fort Myers Florida

Saturday, November 15, 2008
Category: Photo Album

When I was in Fort Myers Florida for my cousin Laura's wedding (June 28th, 2008) my mother and cousin Andrea wanted to go parasailing. Having never been before I thought it was a great idea. The experience was fun, but, not as thrilling as I was hoping for. We put on life jackets and harnesses on the boat then moved to the back of the boat where we were clipped into the parasail, which was already inflated behind us. A winch on the boat slowly let us float up into the air above the water. They the operator pulled us down and "dipped" us into the water a couple of times before winching us all the way back into the deck of the boat. It was a fun experience. The most enjoyable part was being there with my mom and cousin, aside from that it was neat to see Fort Myers from the air. The pictures below where taken by the operator on the boat. I was amazed that they actually still used film. The captian said they got a good deal on film and where working their way though the rest of their inventory. I think the company name was Paradise Parasail.

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