Pandora Killed the Disk Jockey

Saturday, December 1, 2007
Category: Miscellaneous

I listened to the radio all the time when I was in grade school. The local radio station was the soundtrack for our summer at the pool and late nights playing with Legos. Sometime in high school the commercials took over and the music selection became stale and I left radio. Left with only my own store bought CD collection,  BMG/Columbia House music of the month (can you believe they are still around, it looks like their web design is from 1995), and friends my opportunities to hear new music seemed limited. All that changed this week when I experienced Pandora for the second time thanks to Rocketboom's interview of Tim Westergren.

The cool thing about Pandora is that it creates a commercial free radio station customized to the music that you want to hear. There is no need to build the play list yourself just tell Pandora a song you like and it will pick songs for you. I've been surprised at how well their system works. This week I've been picking songs and creating a station for each song. Now that I've got a variety of stations I'm using QuickMix to blend the different stations together for even more variety. To learn more I highly recommend watching the Rocketboom interview.

To see what I mean check out my stations at Pandora.

Oh, and it is FREE; as in give them your email address to create your account!

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