My First Golf Outing

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to go golfing with two of my nephews, my niece, and my brother in-law Todd. Phoenix, my 15 year old nephew, is a avid golfer with a handicap of 5. My objective for the day was to learn a little about golf and to get some photos of the family playing. Phoenix and Todd said I made good contact with the ball, which felt good to hear, but, my drives were going way off to the right which caused me to loose three balls on four holes! As Todd suggested, if I'm interested in golf I should spend sometime at the driving range first. Getting a photo of the club contacting the ball or the ball leaving the club was challenging. I got lucky with my first shot of Todd and every picture after that was too late, the ball was out of the frame as was the had of the club.

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