Laura and Tim's Wedding in Fort Myers Florida

Sunday, June 29, 2008
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My cousin Laura is from my Mom's side of the family. On Saturday June 28th she and her bridegroom Tim were wed in Fort Myers Florida. There are few things in this world as precious as family, including extended family, and the occasion of Laura and Tim's wedding generated an expression of the strength and depth of my extended family. Laura, Tim, and nearly everyone in attendance at their wedding are from the mid-west so their wedding in Fort Myers Florida was a destination wedding that required everyone to travel a long distance to be present. I've heard that at initially Laura and Tim expected no more than 50 people to make the trip, however, this evening more than 100 people were at the wedding.

Although the storm that came in as the ceremony started was not part of anyone's plan it did not spoil the occasion. As with most storms the sky turned dark first and then the winds picked up. The four flower girls did a perfect job walking down the beach throwing rose petals to their left while the heavy winds blew them far to the right before they hit the ground. Rain drops started to fall shortly after Laura joined Tim and the Reverend on the beach. Given the weather the Reverend announced that he would be proceeding directly to the vows. Not long after that the rain started falling and by the time Laura and Tim were pronounced wife and husband it was raining steadily and we all began running for the reception hall. Once all but a few of us were inside a huge bolt of lightening was seen over the water and a clap of thunder followed shortly after.

A wonderful reception followed and my time spent there and chatting with new found friends around the kitchen counter after midnight back at the rental house are what caused me to write, "few things in this world are as precious as family". Today I was again amazed by the warmth, generosity, and welcoming disposition of my extended family. No one in need of a place to sleep, a good conversation, or a cold beer will go without when with my extended family. I can see this pattern of behavior even from family gatherings in my childhood, what I find amazing is that some of the women that have married cousins of mine have also mentioned how well they have been received into the family and I can say that all of my cousins spouses and sisters spouses are a perfect fit for what I consider to be the best extended family in the world.

Welcome Tim.

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