How To Use iPhone MOV Files With Gallery3

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yesterday my Dad sent me a few videos from our wedding and I wanted to get them into the Gallery3 albums I've been setting up. I struggled with getting the iPhone MOV files into the right format to work with Gallery3 and the Flow Player that it uses for video. I found several forums posts across the internet with bits of information that looked like they might help, but, in the end the solution was simple and right under my finger tips.

Flow Player does not support MOV files so you must get them into an Adobe Flash supported format for Gallery3 to use them. I tried a few different methods of doing this conversion using non-Apple freeware and trials of commercial programs and was just about resigned to paying for a tool when I found the, "Export To ...", menu option in QuickTime Player that is standard in OS X. Using QuickTime Player's Export To menu option I chose, "Web", and then after a couple of minutes found M4V files in the Resources folder of the output directory. After uploading this file to Gallery3 the video and audio worked perfectly. Before using this method I would have problem with a webpage with no video but perfect audio.

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