Home Improvement: Garage Door Control of 4 Shop Lights

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Category: Mobile Update
By: Eric Blom

For a long time I've wanted better lighting when when pull into and out of the garage. The 60 watt bulb in the garage door opener is not only too dim, but, because it is centered over the car it casts heavy shadows and motion activated light switches don't work well with florescent lighting. My solution was to install an AC relay. The relay coil is powered by the light socket on the garage door opener. One side of the relay contacts are connected to a cord that plugs in to a 15 amp receptacle the other side goes to four receptacles mounted on the celling. With this configuration all of my ceiling lights come one when I open the garage door or close the door and automatically turn of 4.5 minutes later (because the garage door opener tuns off the "60 watt" bulb in 4.5 minutes. When working in the garage for more than 4.5 minutes I use the "light" button on the garage door opener wall mounted switch to keep the lights on. Works great, takes less energy!

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