Getting Things Done with "Things" for the iPhone

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Since the iPhone came out I've been looking for a way to organize lists. My list for the grocery store, my list for home improvement, my list of things to do at work and at home. Although there are lots of list applications for the iPhone none of them were easy enough to use for me or allowed me to catagorize items the way I like. So, I always fell back to using the Notes application from Apple that is on every iPhone. Then one day I found Things for the iPhone and Things for Mac OS X. I hesitated at first because the iPhone app is $10 and the Mac OS X app is $50, but now I feel that it was money well spent.

You may have heard of GTD or Getting Things Done. Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen. To get a feel for what GTD is about check out the free video of a talk given to Google employee by David Allen. 


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