Family Visit to Mt. Rainier

Saturday, November 15, 2008
Category: Photo Album

My sister Molly, Nate her husband, my parents, and my nephew had never been to Mt. Rainier. I was hoping for clear skies since it was late August, but, we got clouds and rain. Nate and Molly had rented a minivan which allowed all of us to ride comfortably on the 3 hour drive from my house to the Paradise visitor center at Mt. Rainier National Park. We spent some time at the visitor center and then went walking along the paved trails up the mountain. Of course you don't make it far up the mountain given that the visitor center is at 3,500 feet and the summit is 14,400 feet, however, we were all thrilled by the animals, plants, and views. As we made it to panorama point we had to decide if we would go further given that it was cloudy and cool. As soon as we made our decision it started to rain hard and we were all glad that we were headed back to the car.  Despite the rain and the cool weather the newness of the mountain made it a enjoyable trip for my family.

Thanks to Nate for driving both ways!

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