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ALS Fundraising Goal Achieved: $13,147

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I know it took me a very long time, but, finally it is here, the head shaving video from the 2006 Walk to D'Feet ALS. I started to post this on October 14th 2006 and got delayed when I didn't have a solution for embedding the Google video in this posting. Now thanks to Frank Ngler I have a solution.The video and the head line pretty much speak for them self, so, enjoy the show.


Camping At Snow Lake in the Nineteen-Forties: During World War II

Saturday, January 6, 2007

One of the unexpected pleasures of having this personal website is hearing from visitors. Some visitors contact me with questions and others with comments and yet others provide more information about a topic here at Don Fenton is in the third category. Don contacted me in July of 2005 looking for information on Snow Lake he also told me that seeing pictures of Snow Lake here and here at brought back fond memories of his camping trips to Snow lake as a young man. Don has written about some of his memories at his Uncle's cabin on Snow Lake to share with all of us. Don, thank you for sharing your memories with me and allowing me to share your writing with the rest of the ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

First Digital Photo

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today I found on the Internet what may be the first digital photo ever taken of me. The photo was taken in 1996 at the University of Kentucky in Dr. Hassebrook's lab. Also shown in the photo are my fellow team members and class mates Laura Patton and Joe Eaton. Laura, Joe, and I were team mates in a class project to build a laser tag gun and receiver. Each team completed against the others to see who could achieve the greatest range. [more]

Fun Mac OS X Photo Booth Photos

Thursday, December 14, 2006

These pictures were taken at one of my regular Thai dinners with my good friend Jim. We were messing around with the camera on my new MacBook Pro notebook computer and a program called photo booth.[more]

I'll Shave my Head for $5,000 USD

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I, Eric Blom, decided early in 2006 that I was going to put in an extra effort this year to raise money for the Walk to D'Feet ALS, but, I didn't decide until September just what strategy to use. I'm putting in more from my own pocket this year, but, I want to see if even more money can be raised. So, here is my plan. If I raise $5,000 for the Walk to D'Feet ALS this year I will shave my head, and maintain it, till January 1st 2007. That is just 100 people donating less than $50 each. I say less than because I've already received $320 in contributions. And since your contributions are going directly  to the ALS Association they are tax deductible (check with your tax advisor and the ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

Sponsor Me in the Walk to D'Feet ALS

Sunday, July 2, 2006

For the fifth year in a row (photos: 2005, 2004, 2002) I will be participating in the Walk to D'Feet ALS in support of my coworker, Heather, on the Montag Dream Team. I am grateful for the support you have given me in the past and am asking for your support again this year. The staff of the ALS Association helps families in their day-to-day struggle with ALS. They offer many crucial programs to people in our area who are currently struggling with ALS. In particular, the chapter's loan closet includes medical and speech equipment that would otherwise cost a family thousands of dollars. All of those services are offered free of charge and are funded through donations, grants or events such as ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

Farewell to Father Treacy

Sunday, July 2, 2006

On June 25th St. Thomas More Parish said farewell to Father William Treacy as he moved on to live full time at Camp Brotherhood. Ordained a Catholic Priest in 1943 in Ireland Fr. Treacy answered the call for volunteers to minister to the many people who had moved to the United States from Ireland during World War II. Despite intending to only spend a few years in Seattle Fr. Treacy is still with us 63 years later. During Fr. Treacy's time in Seattle he has served countless people, was on television for 14 years addressing the issues of the day with a Jewish Rabbi Levine and Dr. Lynn Corson, and co-founded Camp Brotherhood with Rabbie Levine.

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