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Pandora Killed the Disk Jockey

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I listened to the radio all the time when I was in grade school. The local radio station was the soundtrack for our summer at the pool and late nights playing with Legos. Sometime in high school the commercials took over and the music selection became stale and I left radio. Left with only my own store bought CD collection,  BMG/Columbia House music of the month (can you believe they are still around, it looks like their web design is from 1995), and friends my opportunities to hear new music seemed limited. All that changed this week when I experienced Pandora for the second time thanks to Rocketboom's interview of Tim Westergren. The cool thing about Pandora is that it creates a ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

Indian Minivan

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One of the sights in the cities of India that always amazes me is the number of passengers on scooters and motorbikes. In my most recent trip to Hyderabad, India I saw one motorbike with four children and two adults, unfortunately I didn't get a picture. I did get a picture of four children and an adult on a scooter. I'm assuming that the man driving this scooter is the parent of at least one of these children, therefore I've titled this photo India's Minivan. If he was not the parent of any of the children I'd call it Indian School Bus.[more]

Back in the U.S.A

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Having just completed the 27 hour journey back home for India I'm glad to be, "Back In The U.S.A". I always enjoy my trips to India, the people and the food are wonderful, but, it is nice to be home. As the Delta Boeing 767-300ER taxied to our gate the Bruce Springsteen song, "Born In the U.S.A" came to mind. The song popped into my head for its title not its lyrics. Chuck Berry's lyrics in, "Back In the U.S.A", are a more fitting reflection of my emotions, Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today.We just touched ground on an international runway.Jet propelled back home from overseas to the U.S.A. So, now I have a new play list on my iPhone called, U.S.A. Here is what I put in it so far. ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

Salem Massachusetts in October

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Molly, Nate, and I went to Salem Massachusetts the Thursday before Halloween. Made famous by the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 witchcraft is a major theme in the city today. In fact, the city's Fire and Police departments have a witch on a broom at the center of their patches. We enjoined our trip, but, found that the visitor's guide tended to exaggerate the features of the tours we went on (Salem Witch Village, Franken stein's Laboratory and Legends of Salem: The Griffen Theatre). We all enjoined The House of Seven Gables and wished that we hadn't missed the visitor's center and Peabody Essex Museum which both closed at 5 PM. All of the attractions are easily reached on foot and there was ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

John Staat's Baptism

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chris and I have been friends since grade school so I was honored when Chris and Jenny asked me to be John's Godfather. John's is Chris and Jenny's second child, their first is Julia, the incredibly cute little girl in the photos below. John was baptized at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart on October 14th, 2007.[more]

Dinner at the Scarlet Oak Tavern

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Molly and Nate are spending their honeymoon at a cabin in the Myles Standish State Forest which is near my parents house in Plymouth. The cabin they are staying in is owned by John a good friend of my father. To celebrate Molly and Nate's marriage and thank John and Joyanne for the use of their cabin we met for dinner at the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham. Also at the dinner were Don and Elizabeth, good friends of my mother and father.[more]

My First Golf Outing

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to go golfing with two of my nephews, my niece, and my brother in-law Todd. Phoenix, my 15 year old nephew, is a avid golfer with a handicap of 5. My objective for the day was to learn a little about golf and to get some photos of the family playing. Phoenix and Todd said I made good contact with the ball, which felt good to hear, but, my drives were going way off to the right which caused me to loose three balls on four holes! As Todd suggested, if I'm interested in golf I should spend sometime at the driving range first. Getting a photo of the club contacting the ball or the ball leaving the club was challenging. I got lucky with my first shot of ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

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