Q: I have a question or comment about something here at PIAP.com, who do I ask?

A: You as me, Eric Blom. I enjoy hearing from visitors, so, don't hesitate to use my feedback form to ask me a question or just say hi. I would espeically enjoy hearing about how you found PIAP.com and what you were looking for when you arrived.

Q: What does PIAP mean?

A: PIAP is an acryonm for Peas In A Pod. When I was looking for a domain name I wanted a short name that would be easy to remember and this was the one I came up with. Over the years friends and visitors have offered alternate meanings for P.I.A.P, but, I prefer the origional meaning. Here is a list of alternate meanings.

  • Probably In Another Pickle
  • Pesticide Impact Assessment Program
  • Printing Industries Association of the Philippines
  • Personal Inventory Assesment Program
  • Partners in African Publishing
  • Parent In a Pinch
  • Piss It Away Please
  • Puke In a Pot
  • Partners in Asset Preservation, LLC
  • Pig In A Pants Suit

This is a derogatory acronym referring to Senator Hillary Clinton. I include it here because I have received emails asking what PIAPS stands for. I would encourage those who are tempted to use this term to find a more articulate way of expressing their political opinions rather than resorting to personal attacks on one's appearence.

Q: How do you make your photo albums?

A: I use a really cool program called WebPics for Mac OS X.

Q: Is PIAP.com for sale?

A: Everything is for sale, this is America! Well, maybe not everything. I'm rather attached to my little slice of the World Wide Web, so, my price is quite high. But, if you think you can convience me use my feedback form to make an offer.

Q: I really like one of your pictures can I use it?

A: I reserve my rights to all content here at PIAP.com and do not grant permission for the use of any content found here without prior approval from me. Haveing said that if you see something here you would really like to use just shoot me a message letting me know what you want to use and where you want to use it. For the most part you just need to ask and I will grant you permission, but, you must ask and get approval from me before using content here at PIAP.com

Q: What tools do you use to maintain PIAP.com?

The answer to this question changed in 2005 when I switched the site to the Typo3 Content Managment System (CMS). However, parts of PIAP.com were created using the old manual method of VIM for writing my HTML code. In other words I did it the old fashioned way and put in my HTML tags manually. I did this for two reasion: (1) I like to be able to edit my web pages from anywhere in the world on any operating system (2) I haven't found a WYSIWYG HTML editor that I like. With Typo3 requirement (1) is met and support for WYSIWYG on the content side if very good. The raw XHTML and CSS for PIAP.com is still witten manually in VIM.

I tend to do most of my site development at home on my Apple Macintosh running MacOS X. which is based on Darwin Apple's open source foundation. Darwin is based on FreeBSD a UNIX like operating system.

To get my pages from my home computer to the public web server I use Perforce. Perforce is called a Software Configuration Managment System, if you are not sure what that is just think of Perforce as a version control system. Therefore, each time I make a change to a file that makes up the PIAP.com web site the old version is automatically saved. What this allows me to do it update my web site quickly and accurately. The Perforce server maintains a record of the version of the files that are on the public PIAP.com web site and my home based development web site. When I want to make my changes public I simply tell the perforce server to update the web site. Because the perforce server knows what files have been changed it will only send the files that need updating to the server. This dramatically reduces the amount of information that I need to transfer from home to the public PIAP.com web site.

I've added more information about my perforce setup, but, if you have questions send me an email